“When in doubt, wear red.”
Bill Blass

You might not immediately agree with Bill on this but in the world of colour analysis, primary red is classified as a “universal neutral” that has the potential to look good on almost everyone. I am a huge fan of red. I feel energised, dynamic and powerful when I wear it. Bright tomato red is my optimum red but which is yours? Perhaps it is deep claret, rich ruby, pale raspberry? The choices are endless and as individual as you are.

Red is the colour of fire, flamenco, war, danger. It symbolises passion, desire and love, strength, power and determination. Emotionally intense it has a visceral effect on human metabolism, raising blood pressure and increasing the respiration rate.

Apparently, athletes in combat sports wearing red kit are more likely to win against blue-garbed opponents, although I must confess I have never put this theory to the test. It is also said that interviewees wearing red underwear (not visible!) have a better chance of getting the job. I will leave you to guess whether or not I have experience of this one!!