Floral, graphic, polka-dot: which is your fave?

I’m a perennial floral lover (couldn’t resist that) but I know that many clients struggle to embrace a pattern.

My top tips:

  1. Colour first. Make sure the majority of the fabric showcases your best colours. Don’t worry if there are a few dodgy ones, it’s a case of majority rule!
  2. Scale counts. If you’re a petite, go small/ditsy; medium-scale = medium pattern; grand-scale ladies can rock a larger, bolder print
  3. Follow the curve. Curvy body-shapes look gorgeous in flowing organic patterns, more angular/straight body-shapes are amazing in stripes/polka-dots/checks/graphics. The moderately curvy can wear it all.
  4. Animal-print is pretty much for everyone but take into account scale/colour and high/low contrast. High for Bright types, low for Soft-Muted ladies.