Are you a yellow super-fan or a die-hard yellow avoidant?

The colour of sunshine, lemons and saffron, yellow is at the lightest end of the warm spectrum. It makes us feel happy, optimistic and creative, helps to clarify our thoughts and has a positive anti-inflammatory effect on our nervous system. Excitingly these effects are true not only for the wearer but also for everyone she interacts with, whether virtually via Zoom or IRL.

I class myself as a yellow super-fan and it never fails to lift my mood. But I know from working with many lovely clients over the years that the majority of you gorgeous ladies are dubious about giving it a try.

So … I‘d really like to convince you that there may very well be a shade of yellow that’s just perfect for you. Yes really! From palest ice lemon, to clear buttercup, to golden ochre to bright neon, there’s a whole world of glorious yellows out there, just waiting to enhance your natural colouring and boost your well-being.